What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality

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Whether you believe it or not, the car that you drive every day can say a lot about what type of person you are. The size, color, and other features of your car reflect your taste and interests. You probably haven’t realized it until today!

How is that possible? Every time you purchase anything, your decision is based on what you want and need. And when it comes to buying a car, your car preference matches who you are, your values, and how you want other people to see you.

Purchasing a car is one of the most significant investments that you can have in your life, and you’ll be surprised how closely aligned your car choices are with your personality traits.

So, here are some things a car can say about your personality:

Small Vehicles

If you drive a small vehicle, then you’re probably more conscious of the environment. Usually, small car owners live in high-density neighborhoods—such as cities where parking slots are a challenge. Moreover, traffic in busy cities can turn really bad, therefore the need for fuel-efficiency vehicles that are typically found in smaller vehicles.

Furthermore, small vehicle owners are single, in college, or in their mid-twenties, who are living the prime of their lives while they work on their careers, relationships, etc. Most of the small vehicle owners live in the city because these are the people who are making it out there and trying to make a life of their own.

Mid-Size Vehicles

People who own mid-size vehicles tend to have a more sensible approach in life. Usually, they’re the ones who are laser-focused on their careers or businesses. Owners of mid-sized vehicles are often females who earn a higher-than-average income. Usually, they are also small business owners who recently got married or about to make a family of their own.

Usually, these are the people who are only starting a new phase in their lives—perhaps a new business, a promotion, or a family. In some cases, it’s all of the above!

Large-Car Vehicles

Large vehicles tend to exert a lot of gas, which is harmful to the environment. However, there are still a lot of people who own large cars. These people are usually the ones who don’t think so much about the environment and are all about their convenience.

On a positive note, large-car vehicle owners have big families. They’re usually family-oriented and loves going on road trips with the whole family. Aside from that, they are also the ones who pack everything for everything—thanks to their roomy vehicle, you can basically put everything you need for a picnic or camping inside.

Hatchback Drivers

Remember the days when owning a hatchback is so cool? Thanks to Fast & the Furious, a lot of people got exposed to different types of vehicles and one that stands out among the car-crazed ones is a hatchback.

However, hatchback car drivers today have evolved. If you own a hatchback, you may be sensible—owning a hatchback gives you enough room despite what it may look like on the outside. If you haven’t experienced the inside of a hatchback vehicle, you’ll be surprised to know that the interior is actually quite roomy.


SUV car owners are usually the ones who live in the suburbs—they’re usually practical human beings, hence the vehicle of their choice. Their car choice allows them to fulfill multiple purposes, whether for work or the family.

You can find SUV  on almost any road. SUV owners can be classified as the ones whose primary concern is their safety. Additionally, they carry a subtle sense of power.

Luxury Cars

Owners of luxury cars are those who find importance in status. Luxury car owners tend to be older and are generally wealthy. The personality traits of luxury car owners are independent and achievers. Another thing is that luxury car owners are usually very social, young, and trendsetters.


If you own a truck, then you’re probably someone who loves to get things done. You’re all about ruggedness and practicality. Moreover, you don’t like the city, and you enjoy the countryside where the roads are wide and there’s barely any traffic. Truck owners tend to be full-time employees in service-related jobs that require a lot of physical labor.

Aside from the typical truck, there are also monster truck drivers. Owners of monster trucks tend to be a bit on the obnoxious side, especially if you see them near a major highway (where they’re not allowed!).

Sports Cars

The daredevils or those who enjoy getting their adrenaline pumping are the sports car owners. These people are usually full of energy and they live life on the fast lane. They’re often risk-takers. Count on them not to say no to a spontaneous trip.

Most often, owners of sports cars are usually on the younger side and tend to be less financially stable compared to the other types of vehicles mentioned above. However, older people who drive a sports car are the ones who have reached a stage in their lives. These are the people who are financially stable and have more time to enjoy the things that they weren’t able to enjoy back then when they were hard at work for their family.

The Color of Your Car

Aside from the style and size of the vehicle, the color of your ride can say a lot about you as well. Colors have a wide range of effects on people—they can boost our moods while some can cause anxiety. Your color choice for your vehicle says something about who you are and the image that you want to project out there.


The flashy color of red is enough to get you noticed. Despite the neutral colors that are becoming popular these days, there are still a group of people who loves the color red for their vehicles. If you own a red car, then you probably love attention—and there’s really nothing wrong with this. Just make sure that you’re getting the right attention (and not getting pulled up for a traffic violation!).


There are many shades of blue, but if your car falls under this color category, then you’re probably another practical soul. Aside from that, blues may evoke an upbeat personality. On the other hand, dark blues tend to reflect a more formal personality while light blues are seen as low-key.


Gray shades are one of the neutral vehicle colors that are growing in popularity these days. Why? The color is neutral and it’s unassuming. People who own gray cars are the ones who don’t want to look flashy and practical. Car-wise, gray color is easy to maintain.


Black is one of the most popular car colors today. The color black is sophisticated, powerful, and easy to keep clean. If you own a black car, then you probably love making a statement. You also may enjoy the luxurious things in life, because the color black evokes a sense of luxury.


White is associated with cleanliness and purity. If you own a white car, then you probably enjoy elegance and chances are, you’re a perfectionist. Additionally, white cars tend to evoke a contemporary feel anywhere you go. People who own a white car enjoy simplicity and elegance. Usually, these are the people who are career-driven and are doing well in life—with responsibilities and all, they’re usually the ones who are on the right track.


In psychology, the color silver is associated with a sense of practicality and responsibility. It’s flashy, but it’s still practical. Many also relate the color silver to a fast-becoming technologically advanced world. It’s also worth noting that some people who prefer silver cars enjoy the touch of elegance that it brings. On the other hand, people who are in the tech industry also tend to pick silver-colored vehicles.


The color gold is often seen as a color of happiness. Individuals who own a yellow or gold car tends to have easy-go-lucky personalities and they don’t mind being noticed. People who own a yellow car tends to be fun and outgoing. They love having fun and expressing their personalities, no matter what.


Your car can say a lot about your personality. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that albeit a car can reflect aspects of your personality, that doesn’t mean that you should use it as a basis for everything.

However, isn’t it nice to know that a car can say a lot about someone? So, when you’re going out on a date, or you’re meeting a person for the first time, you can tell a lot about them based on the car that they drive. Still, it’s best to be sure that the car they’re driving is theirs—or else, you might see them the wrong way.