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Older than it may seem, but still spicier more than you could imagine! Today, I invite you to travel back to the car clubs diary and find out how this week’s featured iconic supercar made it to the billboard of one of the most sought-after and top muscle cars twoscore and a decade ago in the bald eagle’s territory, and see for yourself if it deserves the 70s’ “I do”.

Whether you believe it or not, the car that you drive every day can say a lot about what type of person you are. The size, color, and other features of your car reflect your taste and interests. You probably haven’t realized it until today!

There’s no denying that a car is a good investment. If you have a car you can go anywhere you please. It is also helpful for your daily transportation to the office or if you have kids to drive to school. Though it’s easy to look for brand-new vehicle nowadays, some might find it more practical to buy used cars. They’re more affordable, and there are numerous options available in car dealerships. However, if you are a buyer beware and choose wisely. Buying a used car isn’t as easy as going to a dealership and choosing the coolest and shiniest vehicle, though. Given that these cars were previously used and have been driven to places near and far, there are some things that you need to check before buying a used car.

One of the most important component of your car is the braking system. By using brakes, your braking system will help you stop or decelerate your car’s movement. It will also help you stabilize your car’s motion during parking.

It is a Saturday afternoon and you are getting ready for a joy ride with your friends, you hop into your car but it just won’t start. You tried to check your battery and start boosting it up but it still won’t do. As you check thoroughly it is something a bit more serious, it is your starter.

During summertime most of us are looking forward to road trips, be it cross-country travel or a quick drive to the beach. However, high temperatures can cause car problems such as engine failure, tire blowouts, and brake fade. To avoid any unexpected issues on the road, it is best to prepare your car ahead of time.